Specialist Support and Therapy for Expectant or New Mothers

I have a special interest and expertise in working with women, or expectant mothers who may have anxieties about becoming pregnant or childbirth, and postnatally, treating difficulties such as post natal depression, anxiety and aiding a healthy attachment with their new baby.

Anxieties about becoming pregnant or childbirth

Preparing for pregnancy and birth can be a challenging time for parents and this is absolutely normal as you come to terms with the changes you will need to make to your life. Most expectant parents have anxieties about the birth and how they will cope when their new baby arrives. Expectant mothers can feel especially vulnerable if they have experienced previous miscarriage, complications in pregnancy, a previous traumatic birth or have underlying mental health issues. For some people thoughts of getting pregnant bring back unhappy memories from their own childhood. Many people worry about leaving work or the financial strains having a baby may put on their family.


Talking to your partner and family or friends often helps, however, for some people the anxiety becomes all consuming, possibly interfering with relationships and day to day functioning. In these situations it is often a relief to talk to someone who can help you work through these anxieties and develop new coping skills. In doing this you can look forward to getting pregnant, enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to the birth of your baby with the confidence that you will cope and be a fantastic parent for your child.

Post natal depression

Many mothers and fathers experience anxiety or low mood following the birth of their baby and can be left feeling alone and overwhelmed. These feelings are often temporary and in many cases go away on their own, however, for some they may persist and give rise to post natal depression. Triggers can include the change of role, the lack of sleep or memories of your own childhood and parenting experiences. Some parents are left feeling exhausted and traumatised following a difficult birth which can affect your ability to cope with the demands of a new baby. If you are feeling low or anxious following the birth of your child talking to someone with an understanding of these difficulties can not only help you in your recovery but also aid the bonding between you and your baby, giving you the confidence to trust your instincts and abilities as the perfect parent for your child.

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