About Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a highly effective, evidence based approach working on the principle that our thoughts, feelings and behaviour influence our emotional wellbeing. It is recommended by the NHS through the NICE guidelines as one of the treatments of choice for common emotional and psychological difficulties. CBT is time limited and brief.


CBT can either focus on the here and now or enable a person to work through painful or distressing memories from past or traumatic events. The therapist helps the client understand how their thoughts and behaviours might be contributing to their situation and how they feel. By targeting these thoughts and examining thought processes it is possible to relieve symptoms and acquire new skills and coping strategies.


CBT is not about thinking positively but about questioning and altering the thoughts and beliefs we might have developed many years ago or following an incident that challenged our views of ourselves or the world. There are many techniques that can be tailored to an individual’s problem and /or personality style, from simple problem solving techniques to the use of imagery to change how you might feel about yourself or a situation.


CBT is a collaborative therapy which requires both client and therapist to work together to create goals and plan strategies within a specified time frame. Most individuals, depending on the nature of their difficulties, require between 6 and 20 sessions

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